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Dylan Beattie - From Keyboard to Keynote

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills. As part of the workshop, you’ll be preparing and delivering a short presentation using slides, so you’ll need to bring a laptop with Powerpoint, KeyNote or Google Slides running on it.

Sam Newman - Building Microservices

Learn how to architect, design, build, deploy and manage software systems using microservices

Kevlin Henney - Driving Your Java Code with Tests

Learn how to spend less time puzzling over the meaning of code, bugs, and tests.

Venkat Subramaniam - Advanced JavaScript Workshop

React is a JavaScript library for creating high-performing, maintainable JavaScript applications and brings a fresh approach to thinking into the JavaScript community.

Martin Thompson - Concurrent Lock-Free Programming

By the end of this course candidates will have acquired an in-depth knowledge of concurrent programming that allows them to develop data structures such as queues, executors, and shared memory IPC transports that significantly out perform the standard approaches.

Russ Miles - Cloud Native Java

You will learn best practices for Cloud Native application design, that will help you transition your Java application to the Cloud (either partially or in full), the Strangler Application pattern, deployment and management and monitoring.

J. B. Rainsberger - A Simple Approach to Modular Design

This is not a class in test-driven development, although we will review the fundamentals of test-driven development.

J. B. Rainsberger - The World’s Best Intro to test-driven development (TDD)

At this class you will learn whether test-driven development (TDD) will work for you. In addition to basic TDD training, this course unlocks some of the secrets of modular design from one of TDD’s master practitioners.

Michael Feathers - Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Test Driven Development and Refactoring are powerful tools. With them you can add new codeto systems and make existing code more maintainable.

Dan North - Faster organizations: Business agility for leaders and change agents

Software Faster is for people who believe it can be done, people who feel themselves limited by current

Dennis Traub - DevOps Engeneering on AWS

In this course, you will learn the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on the AWS platform.

Roy Osherove - Enterprise DevOps - Patterns and Techniques for accelerating DevOps at the Enterprise Level

DevOps is the implementation of continuous delivery and agile concepts across the organization, focusing on pipelines as the main building blocks for delivery value internally and to the customer.

Elton Stoneman - Docker Security

The Docker training program leverages the pedagogical approach of learning by doing with extensive hands-on labs, enterprise-focused scenarios, and practical examples.

Martin Thompson - Pragmatic Performance Engineering

On this course you will learn how to develop software in Java with performance as a first class quality attribute.

Kevlin Henney - Architecture with Agility

The Architecture with Agility course looks at the relationship between Agile processes and good architecture, taking in development process models, architectural styles, requirements techniques, sufficient modelling techniques, design patterns and testing practices.

Andy Petrella - Light Bend Apache Spark for Scala

This Apache Spark course will help you to take advantage of the platform with its native Scala binding to write data-centric applications which perform fast.

Venkat Subramaniam - Programming in Modern JavaScript

Modern JavaScript has come a long way. It is elegant, fluent, and does several things right.

Itamar Syn-Hershko - Elasticsearch for Developers

Elasticsearch is today's de-facto standard for centralized logging and real-time analytics for system metrics and business data.

Simon Brown - Software Architecture for Developers

This 2-day workshop will give you an introduction to a pragmatic and practical approach to software architecture; including technical leadership, communication and how to balance up front design with agile approaches.

Dennis Traub - Fast Track to AWS Fundamentals

Upon completion of this AWS course, you will know the ins and outs of the AWS fundamental services, understand the dynamics of AWS and Cloud, and will be able to make architectural decisions on AWS.

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