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e-Meetup about programming's lessons & affective computing

It became a regular routine to learn stuff online & participate at e-conferences, e-meetups, e-courses without needing to leave your desk or couch. We are inviting you to join our Online meetups starting this October!
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Sep 17, 2020, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+3


It became a great tradition to gather all together every Thursday for a virtual meetup. 

So we will start a new cycle of virtual meetups from this October.

Our speakers & guests - software engineer, Adele Carpenter & a manager of AI and Big Data, Microsoft AI MVP, Håkan Silfvernagel! 

And here are the topics:

Adele Carpenter - "Programming is hard: lessons through the eyes of a noob”

When did you learn to program? Do you remember the child-like thrill of typing in some text in the command line and making the computer do something? The feeling of endless possibility? 

Programming might not be magic, but it can definitely feel magical. But the more magic you need to scrape away, the harder it gets. Let’s face it, programming is hard. Once we’ve been doing it for a while, perhaps with a dash of Stockholm Syndrome, we forget how much pain we have gone through to get where we are.

So what might you know, but have forgotten that you ever learned it? In this talk, I will share my experiences of working on a software project as a freshly-minted software engineer. I will detail what I struggled with, where everyone around me just kind of “knew”. At the end of this talk, you will have a noob perspective on how fundamental some software fundamentals, or “knowns”, really are.

Håkan Silfvernagel! - "Affective Computing – bringing humans and machines closer through emotions"

If we want computers to be intelligent and able to interact with us we need to ensure that they can recognize, understand, and express emotions. This is the basic assumption of Affective Computing. 

First, an introduction to the field will be described starting with established findings from psychology on how we best can measure emotions. Technology enablers that have made Affective Computing a hot topic will be highlighted as well as examples of API and services that we can use today. 

The second part will cover application scenarios such as retail, medical, education, and social. 

The presentation concludes with some recommendations on how Affective Computing affects us as developers going forward.

Stay tuned for more info!

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