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Join Build Stuff Hubs all around the world and grow your business network

Build Stuff Hub is a unique offer to companies with significant networking to become a part of the Build Stuff conference 2020: Rock and Code edition.

On three days (November 11th - 13th) full of inspiring keynotes, live tech experiences, you can create a vibrant community with a lasting impact on the tech transformation!


In a few words, this is a hub organized by our partner (one of which we invite you to become), where one of our six streams is broadcasting during the conference days.


  • the unique content of Build Stuff streams for you and your invited attendees;

  • opportunity to promote yourself in the local market using the well-known brand of conferences;

  • You can highlight your company for the potential employees and establish your HR brand;

  • independence in organizing afterparty and other activities;

  • opportunity to bring together all your colleagues/clients;

  • You and your attendees will receive special discounts for full online conference access and future events;

  • support & branded T-shirts from the Build Stuff team.



- you should be a proactive company or meetup organizer;

- you must have a prepared location for a hub (1 — 3 days);

- you must have resources to organize afterparty & any other activities;

- you must comply with all COVID-19 restrictions in your country.

The Build Stuff team will not control the implementation of all  COVID-19 restrictions in your country; therefore, this responsibility is entirely on the partner, who is organizing the hub.



The opportunity to participate in the Build Stuff Hubs is absolutely free, your company only has to pass the preliminary selection. Fill out the form below to get a callback.

Overall,  the main goal of Build Stuff Hubs is to connect people in such a hard time and give the unique opportunity to exchange experiences and chat.


We will be happy to receive photos & videos from your Hubs all around the world!

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