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Online course

Shortcut to Tech Leadership

Delivered by Patrick Kua
3 hours/1 day

You will learn about:

  • ​Understand what technical leadership is, and why it’s important for successful teams

  • Explain what effective technical leadership looks like

  • Describe your Technical Vision in depth

  • Outline 8 foundation principles of effective technical leadership

  • Identify the different behaviors of Makers and Multipliers

  • Use 5 foundation skills that Multipliers draw upon a daily basis


3 hours a day




Beginner, advanced




Leadership, development


Software engineers, Tech Leaders, 

1 day


Course description 

This is a 3-hour online guided workshop that accelerates your tech leadership journey. This workshop will boost your skills, accelerate your career development, offer you tools and tricks to lead technical teams, and guide you through the journey from maker to the multiplier.

Your trainer, Patrick Kura, will guide you and your cohort through the workshop using a variety of methods optimized for a fully remote, digital world. Research shows that deeper learning occurs when you interact, apply and practice the material. This workshop draws upon short lectures, interactive polls, Q&A breakouts, individual and group exercises, and group discussions. Each of these elements is specifically designed to challenge you to put the content into action and you will get the most of this workshop by taking an active part.

Course topics 


Taking this course you will get: