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Tech Conferences Unite for Ukraine

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Thousands of Ukrainian families are fleeing Ukraine, taking only necessities on a dangerous journey to neighboring countries to save their lives.

A heavy computer is not what most people prioritize when fleeing their homes. As a result, most refugee families no longer have access to computers, and thousands of kids are not able to continue their primary education.

That’s why Øredev, Build Stuff, FooCafe, and NDC Conferences have joined forces and set up a fundraiser dedicated to the purchasing and distribution of Chromebooks for displaced Ukrainian families in Lithuania.

Ukrainians have always played a large role in our Tech conferences communities. They are our colleagues, partners, friends, and part of our conference families.

As tech companies sharing knowledge, our goal is to provide these families with computers.

These enable children to attend school and adults to stay in contact with their loved ones, look for jobs or follow the news in their language. We who are always connected, know the importance of staying connected during the worst moments of our lives ❤️

100% of donations will be sent to IWAV, an International Women Organization in Vilnius Lithuanian-based charity, which will help us to distribute computers for those in need.


Our goal is to help over 100 children and their families

Here are 3 ways how you can help to reach the goal:


#1 - Donate yourself through the Fundraiser platform and receive rewards

All contributions, small and large, will help. Donate today by clicking the link below.

#2 - Encourage your company to contribute to our common Fundraiser

Encourage your company to contribute to our common fundraiser dedicated to the purchasing and distribution of Chrome books for refugee families.

#3 -Ship or drop off at our offices working computers and battery packs/chargers.

We will ensure these are distributed to Ukrainian refugees via trusted organizations.

Lithuania: Build Stuff, A. Domasevičiaus str. 5A-1, Vilnius 01400.

Sweden: Öredev AB, 5th floor, Hans Michelsensgatan 10, 21120 Malmö

Devoteam, Klara Östra kyrkogata 2B, 111 52 Stockholm

Devoteam, Storgatan 18, Halmstad

Norway: NDC Conferences AS, Universitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo

"When You Learn - Teach, When You Get - Give", Maya Angelou

Build Stuff Conference: What happened to your donation?

Thank you for your donations, which allowed us to give away 27 ACER computers to Ukrainian children who couldn't proceed with their education back in their country. We're grateful to be able to continue this work and help out more Ukrainian kids in the future. With your help, we can provide these children with the tools they need to succeed. Thank you for your support.


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