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Note Taking on a Degree Course

I have a reasonably good memory. At least, I think I do until I want to remember something specific or need to remember something under pressure, and then my crystal clear recall fades into a blurry sorta-half-right-kinda remembrance that does no good for anyone else and makes me look like I’ve had too much sugar for one day. According to the only way for me to survive college and get good grades was to develop a keen system of note taking. No matter how carefully you listen in class or review a text, note taking will help you get the most of your lessons and achieve good grades in your college degree program.

If the lecture corresponds with a chapter in the book, then write that in the top corner also. When its time to study and you want to look up information the top of your pages will become a handy index to locate the quote or fact you are looking to find. After the header, write down anything your professor writes down, particularly if it’s a date, chart or statistics. According to study daddy professors don’t usually write something out unless they want you to know it. Finally, if the professor mentions a page or paragraph in the textbook make a note of it as well to review of any exams that may contain it.

Note taking from a text is a different kind of system. A better way is to get a small notebook that goes with your textbook. When you highlight, write down the page number and topic or item you pointed out. That will help you locate the information in a timely manner.

We at know that writing reinforces memory, and while you’re pursuing your college degree a good memory and a great set of notes can be your best friends.

What is the Value of a College Degree?

When it comes to my shopping and tendencies to bargain hunt, I always have to tell my friends I am not “cheap”. I am “value seeking”. Value is more than a word we throw around during holiday sales and on used car lots. Value is a formula that measures what up put in, versus what you get out. If you get out more than you put in, you have something with value. When thinking of the money, time, energy and effort you are putting into college the natural questions becomes, “What is the value of a college degree?”

Your college degree will be filled with many types of value. Financially, we know that people with college degrees make, on average, two to three times more money than people without them. College degrees also open the door to advanced degrees which add more capability for you to earn a higher wager and advance in your workplace. A college degree opens the doors to employment wider and faster than trying to earn all the experience you can working but having no education to show for your time. A college degree also removes the barrier that keeps you from advancing farther in your work. Some jobs in your company require a degree. Even if you know the job backwards and forwards, without the degree, it will go to someone else.

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