Online course

Online course

Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing

Delivered by Arjan Brands
Dates will be announced soon
5 hours per week

Why this course?

If you are on an Agile team, as a tester or as a product owner, programmer or development manager, and you want to learn what testing means in an Agile environment, this Agile Testing course is for you!

This Agile Testing course emphasizes a whole team approach to Agile Testing and is aimed at anyone who wants to learn what testing means on an agile team. In addition to testers, team members fulfilling different roles will also benefit from understanding their contribution and their interaction with testers on the team.


To benefit most from this Agile Testing course, you should have some understanding of agile processes prior to attending, so that you can actively contribute to discussions with questions and share your experiences.


3 weeks


7 hours per week






From 1349 Eur


Agile testing


Agile team, tester, product owner, programmer, development manager,


Course description 

Based on the best-selling books of Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin, Agile Testing for the Whole Team course teaches ways the whole software delivery team can collaborate to succeed with testing activities.

Participants learn essential principles and practices through lecture, hands-on simulation and discussion.

3. The agile test mentality and the values and principles that support the necessary cultural change.

4. Test approaches for agile and how they differ from traditional approaches.

5. Contributions that testers can turn into valued team members.

Through presentations, discussions and practical simulations, the course will help you learn the essential principles and practices:

1. How does testing fit into short iterations and consistent, frequent deliveries into agile projects?

2. How does the whole team contribute to the success of testing procedures, such as: Development support with business-facing tests, such as behavior-driven or acceptance test-driven.Exploratory testing. Effective test automation. development.

The course is filled with practical examples of how teams work together to often deliver high-quality software. A simulation of an agile project completes the entire course, giving participants the opportunity to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle and practice what they have learned. You leave with practical skills and techniques that you and your team can use immediately.


Course dates & time

Coming October 2020..

Each session includes lecture, Q&A and hands-on coding exercises, as well as optional homework to help connect the days and weeks. 


The course is designed so that it can fit in with your other commitments for work and home.

 It is split into six 3½-hour parts spread over two weeks, two days per week.




Outline Introduction into Agile and How Testing Fits In

  • Overview of agile terminology

  • Agile Methods: How is testing different from phased and gated methods

Adapting to Agile - The Whole Team Approach

  • The Whole Team Approach

  • Roles and responsibilities, learning to collaborate

  • Overcoming common obstacles - including cultural issues and mini-waterfalls

  • Transitioning typical processes – defect tracking, quality models, traceability

Making Test Automation Work

  • The value of automation

  • Barriers to automation

  • Developing an automation strategy

  • Using the automation pyramid for maximum benefit

  • A bit on test design, what to automate, what not to automate

  • Applying agile principles to automation

  • Evaluating tools and managing the tests

Testing Activities at the Release and Feature Level

  • Agile approach to test planning – alternatives to large test plans

  • Levels of precision and dependencies

  • Slicing stories with thin slices / steel thread approach

  • How testers contribute to sizing and prioritizing stories

  • Discussions on test results, metrics and test coverage

Test Approaches for Agile

  • Guiding development with tests (ATDD)

  • Using the agile testing quadrants – vocabulary, benefits

  • Exploratory testing

  • Testing for quality attributes

Testing Activities During the Iteration and Story Development

  • Story readiness

  • Iteration planning – testing tasks

  • Visibility

  • Coding & Testing


  • Exercises throughout the class follows a case study and we wrap up working through an iteration simulation so that the students will have an opportunity to experience all we have talked about.

The End Game

  • Successful deliver

  • Release retrospective

Key Success Factors

  • Seven key success factors for agile testing

  • Confidence building practices


Arjan Brands has over 20 years of project experience in the areas of testing, agile methods (Scrum, Kanban), quality management, project leadership and project management, IT and test process assessments (TPI, SPICE, CMMI), requirements management and requirements design.


Arjan has helped to co-develop several training courses focusing on requirements management, testing and agile methods, and, as an experienced assessor and mentor, is a much sought-after workshop coach and team coach.

From the automotive industry, energy sector, e-commerce, banking and insurance, through to pharmaceutical companies, the public sector, publishing companies, telecommunications and heavy industry, Arjan has a broad range of industry experience which he passes on through his training.

Coupled with one or more anecdotes from his professional experience, which sometimes includes how to do things better, Arjan finds it important to impart knowledge in an informal atmosphere. After all, who enjoys swatting up on thoughtless, dry classroom material? Another thing that Arjan values in his training courses is meeting people with different experiences and cultural backgrounds: it is only through differences that a unique dynamic can develop.

Arjan views training courses as a fundamental component in improving the professionalism of testing and imbuing the profession of “tester” with the status it deserves within the field of IT.


Taking this course you will get..

Participants have the opportunity to take an on-line assessment at the end of the course that enables them to understand the gaps in their understanding, receive a certificate of achievement, and join the Agile Testing Fellowship online community for continued help and support. For more information see


Slides, references,

real-world examples


Collaborative team-work tools


Get direct access to the trainer & attendees On Slack Channel. Chat, share & ask directly



This course is aimed at software delivery teams who are transitioning to agile and want to figure out all the different types of testing they need to do and how to fit them into frequent delivery cycles.


If you are on an Agile team, as a tester or as a product owner, programmer or development manager, and you want to learn what testing means in an Agile environment, this Agile Testing course is for you!


Registration is not open yet, but feel free to reserve your spot free of charge. When the course dates will be announced you will be inform first.
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