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Conference: NOV 17 - 19/ Masterclasses: NOV 20 - 21, 2021

Place: Radisson Blu Lithuania, VILNIUS & ONLINE


10 years of Tech conferences & courses

Hybrid Software



You are just one line of code away from...

100+ speakers 

10K attendees 

of tech events


10 Years Of Software Development Conferences..

Build Stuff 2021 will attract more than 10,000 visitors in a uniquely multifaceted setting, showcasing innovative technology as well as EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES.

With a diverse guest list of influential policy makers, software development companies, high-end executives, Build Stuff is the ‘EVENT OF THE YEAR’ for every company and developer in the software development field. This unique conference can help you attain or even surpass your goals, whatever they may be.

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This year marks our TENTH ANNIVERSARY, and as our birthday gift to you, the virtual part of the conference tickets will start from €0,00!


Thanks to our incredibly supportive sponsors, we can offer this amazing deal to everyone who’s ever wanted to attend Build Stuff but wasn’t able to afford it.

Best of all, we will maintain the same high level of content and speakers you’ve come to expect from us for the tenth year in a row.

Hence, Build Stuff is BACK TO VILNIUS - with limited seats available at the moment.

Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for 500 attendees we are committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible!

Pre-Register for ON-SITE Ticket SALE below:

NEED PROOF? Special guest Grady Booch is joining Build Stuff 2021 as a speaker! Yes, you read that correctly: the author of the UML programming language will be part of this year’s conference line up!

#1 Get engaged at the BEST Rocking Party For Developers

When is the last time you've been at the party?

Build Stuff kicked off last year's conference with a well-organized online party that rocked!


We will make sure that once again HYBRID conference attendees will experience what an online party feels like first-hand!


Whether you prefer listening to music or watching comedians perform standup routines (there will be both!).


Build Stuff has got it covered for your entertainment needs at the Hybrid event.

#2 Enhance Your Career 
Meet representatives from well-known Tech 

At Build Stuff you’ve got a chance to speak with representatives from some of the TOP companies in the tech field.


As they share innovations, you can learn more about services and products that might be right for you or even get a career change!

#3 Receive the Newest Build Stuff swag including "T-Shirt & Jumper"

Can You Imagine! Over 12K T-Shirts were given away since Build Stuff was launched!


We are getting ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of Build Stuff! ..


So expect A special edition of T-Shirt and Jumper as part of the Build Stuff swag.

#4 Stand A Chance To Win Special Prizes From Partners

Last year we had Ipad's, PS5,  Apple watches, phones and much other COOL STUFF up for grabs from our partners.


You might want to get your hands on one or two this time around too.

This year,  Build Stuff partners will bring you a chance to win some of these amazing prizes!

#5 Upskill Yourself &
Receive A Digital Certificate of Attendance

When it comes to finding a new job or getting a new project the Ultimate Question is "What Do You Do to Improve Your Skills?"

Digital certificates are the ultimate way to prove that one was in attendance at the software development conference.


It's easy! Just attend Build Stuff and, after it ends, your certificate of participation including information about the Topics, TOP Speakers & Improved Competencies will be delivered right to your email. 

The format is convenient for use on social networks or anywhere where such proof might come in handy.

#5 Stand Out & Get Visible
Among 10K Developers Like You..

Writing a book, blog, have a software product or a course of your own, or just finished an incredible project?


If you’ve got something great to share with the world - Build Stuff is where it should do that!

Get creative so more people will find out about what you are doing in this amazing place called life.

There will be a Card Board & Room For Lightning Talks dedicated to Your Exposer & Ideas.

#6 Be On Top Of What Is Happening in The Field  OF Software Development 
100+ hours of content 

Do you want to learn something new and exciting?

This 3-day conference is the perfect opportunity. The event offers 7 stages with 100 hours of content from keynote presentations, workshops, sessions, and panel discussions. You can take your pick - there's so much on offer.

One of the most exciting new features is access to 100+ hours of live-streamed conference content after the event.


Now you will be able to rewatch as many talks and panels on demand from your couch or while traveling, without all that pesky travel time!

Build Stuff is a Software Development Conference created for back-end & full-stack developers, academics, team leads, software architects, product owners, technical project managers.


The goal of the conference is to boost the developer community by providing tomorrow’s knowledge and train the skills required to keep up with continuous change.


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‘EVENT OF THE YEAR’ For Every Tech Company And Developer In The Software Development Field

By becoming a Build Stuff Participant or Partner, You are also becoming a part of a Good Cause.

Build Stuff has been instrumental in helping the underserved and less fortunate members of our society.


The Build Stuff team works hard at spreading awareness of diverse initiatives, such as Diversity and Charity Initiatives.


 Since 2012 we have given away hundreds of tickets for people that would not otherwise be able to attend Build Stuffs events, worked with Red Noses Clown doctors, computers for children organization as well as women crises centers and daycare centers for children with disabilities.

Build Stuff Software Development Confere

The conference covers everything you need to know about software development and technologies, with more than eighty breakout sessions as well as insightful and practical keynotes, workshops, and hands-on labs.


Participants in the Build Stuff conference include world-class speakers, cutting-edge technology companies, and enterprises such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle, and many others.

  • better-03.png

    big data, quantum computing, machine learning, deep learning

  • better-07.png

    cloud, cloud-native, multi-cloud infrastructure

  • better-05.png

    DevOps practices, programming methodologies & tools

  • better-08.png

    cyber security, privacy and data security

  • better-01.png

    monolith, microservices, serverless & distributed computing

  • better-02.png

    virtual leadership, productivity, planning, agile & soft skills

  • better-03.png

    languages & platforms

  • better-04.png

    UX, UI & Design

  • better-04.png

    platforms & tools

  • better-06.png

    IoT, robotics

  • better-02.png

    ChatOps architecture, automation & tools

Clearly, Covid restrictions don't allow us to do things like we usually would. 


But it's not all bad news - if you're down for some extra adventure, there are ways to experience Build Stuff at its fullest!


We will follow government regulations and advice to ensure safety for on-site events because, in the end, your HEALTH and safety are what matter the most.

This autumn we hope to get together once again in Lithuania.


So here is how it's going to work this year:

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Don't Take Only Our Word For It...

Check out what attendees, partners & speakers who have attended our conferences in the past had to say!

The IDEAL PLAN would be if all Covid restrictions ARE LIFTED, and we get to meet together under one roof in a physical location.

The Build Stuff on-site conference will have 6 different rooms and a lounge. 

The goal is to accommodate the social distancing requirements while limiting onsite attendees to 500 ATTENDEES, although the number of attendees can be lifted up to 1400 if conditions change. 

The on-site tickets are going fast! If you're looking to attend an event in person, now's your chance because they won't be around for long.


We've been seeing more and more people come out lately so if you want to guarantee yourself space at on-site events then get them before it's too late.

In case of cancellation, all purchases will be refunded 100%.

There are so many countries that have travel limits at the moment, and it makes people with health difficulties hard to attend.


That’s why we will host A Virtual Option For 2021 as well, which was a great success last year. 

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If we will not be able to host the Build Stuff 2021 conference at the physical location due to COVID, the ONLINE CONFERENCE will be still taking the place!


It means we'll still have an opportunity for developers from all over the world to attend and learn!


An outstanding online experience awaits from home or on mobile devices with live streaming of all speaker sessions and workshops so you won’t miss a thing.

Upcoming online courses

  • Martin Hinshelwood - Professional Scrum Product Owner Training with Certification
    03 Jun, 09:00 EEST – 04 Jun, 17:00 EEST
    Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner in a 2-day online course!
  • Sam Newman - Building Microservices
    Sat, 20 Nov
    20 Nov, 11:00 EET – 21 Nov, 17:00 EET
    Learn how to make your apps scalable, easier to manage, and more resilient with microservices.
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Join The Baltic States’ Longest-Running Software Development Conference...

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#1 Build Stuff Music Single 

This Code of Conduct is a vital part of making Build Stuff online meetups & conferences an inclusive event. That’s why we expect everyone participating in Build Stuff events and all associated events to read and adhere to this Code of Conduct.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below, email us at info@buildstuff.events, or speak to the Code of Conduct team in person.