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Created For People Who
Actually Build Stuff

We like to think of ourselves as the conference for people who actually build stuff - hence the name!

Every year, we invite prestigious guest speakers to share all the latest innovations, trends, and developments in the software development industry.

With the attitude that we invite speakers, not sessions, our world-class guests come from over Europe and even further abroad, delivering some of the highest quality content of any European conference.

Build Stuff is for everyone in software development teams.

That includes devs, team leads, agile/scrum coaches, engineering, managers, executives, founders, and more.


Likewise, in addition to great guest speakers, we host a number of engaging and up-to-the-moment workshops on a wide range of topics.

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10 Years Of Build Stuff Conferences

10+ Years Of Software Development Conferences

With a diverse guest list of influential policymakers, software development companies, high-end executives, Build Stuff is the ‘EVENT OF THE YEAR’ for every company and developer in the software development field. This unique conference can help you attain or even surpass your goals, whatever they may be.