Build Stuff is a Software Development Conference created for developers, academics, team leaders, software architects, and technical project managers.



The goal of the conference is to boost the developer community by providing tomorrow’s knowledge and train the skills required to keep up with continuous change. Build Stuff invites to listen to sessions, discuss trends, try new things, and, most importantly, share personal experiences with a wide range of technologies with other developers.



This fall again Build Stuff will connect Vilnius and Kyiv in one magnificent software development bridge. Starting on the Nov 13th in Vilnius, Build Stuff will finish the show on Nov 20th in Kyiv!
That's 8 days of great conversations with the people who actually build stuff!

So, this year’s Build Stuff is about entering and surviving the new
Software Jungle 🐍 areas. With the availability of so many technologies, new tools, programming languages, and innovation overload, the software development field is so fast-paced, frequently changing, and incredibly complex. Just like the Jungle. Facing these “jungles” for every developer can be very overwhelming.
The survivals will be those who are interested in acquiring new skills, mastering the latest programming languages, tools, or frameworks to stay current. Join the Tribe:🦁 90+ speakers 🦁 6 tracks of sessions per day
🦁 panel discussions, open spaces, and workshops 🦁 11 masterclasses 🦁 Expo zone 🦁 Top Tech companies
🦁 Diversity program

🐯 TED NEWARD, Authority in Java and .NET technologies, Neward & Associates, USA
🐯 CASEY ROSENTHAL, Co-author of Chaos Engineering, Verica, Previously Engineering Manager @ Netflix, USA
🐯 MICHELE BUSTAMANTE, Author of the best-selling book "Learning WCF", Solliance, USA
🐯 JOE DUFFY, CEO, Pulumi, Previously,Partner Director of Technical Strategy, Microsoft Developer Tools, USA
🐯 MICHAEL FEATHERS, Author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code, R7K Research & Conveyance, USA
🐯 KRIS HOWARD, Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services, Australia
🐯 JULIE LERMAN, Author of “Programming Entity Framework”, The Data Farm, USA
🐯 DON SYME, Architect of the F# programming language, Microsoft, United Kingdom
🐯 SUSANNE KAISER, Computer Scientist, Germany
🐯 ROY OSHEROVE, Author of The Art of Unit Testing, Blocktrace, Israel
🐯 MARYAM UMAR, Promotor of High-Quality software & teams, United Kingdom
🐯 JAMES LEWIS, Technical Advisory Board Member, ThoughtWorks, United Kingdom
🐯 PATRICK KUA, Chief Scientist, N26, Germany
🐯 KEVLIN HENNEY, Thought Provoker, United Kingdom
🐯 ELTON STONEMAN, Author of Docker on Windows, Docker, United Kingdom


🐍 AI STUFF: Big Data, Quantum computing & Machine Learning
🐍 CLOUD STUFF: Cloud & Serverless infrastructure
🐍 RUN STUFF: DevOps practices, Programming Methodologies & Tools
🐍 GEEK STUFF: IoT, Robotics
🐍 ARCHITECTURE STUFF: Monolithic Approach, Microservices & Distributed systems
🐍 TECH LEADERSHIP STUFF: Agile, Productivity & Soft skills
🐍 PROGRAMMING STUFF: Languages & Platforms
🐍 WEB STUFF: UX, UI, Design



In November 2012, Build Stuff has started as the first conference on software development in Baltic States. Since then it is a front-runner and the largest developer event in the region.


Following the success of Build Stuff in Lithuania, Build Stuff has branched out. In 2015, the first edition of the Build Stuff Ukraine conference was launched with great success. Over 450 attendees participated in the conference first year, next year following up to 700 attendees. Later in 2017, Build Stuff Spain was was organized in Mallorca, with 200+ participants in the first year and 200+ in a second.


Our international community is becoming stronger and uses every opportunity to be a part of Build Stuff events and spreads the word all over the world, becoming our best ambassadors.


Build Stuff was featured as one of only three European software conferences “to attend” in the 2016 Forrester’s Report.

“Conferences Outside The United States [that] Add International Context,” the report said, “Build Stuff draws in developers with all types of creative projects. Developers gather in Lithuania and Ukraine to learn from each other’s trials and tribulations while ‘making’ adventurous projects and learning how they can make the projects themselves. Build Stuff is an independent conference and attracts experienced freelancers and independent contractors interested in learning new approaches and strategies to software development. Sessions featured more than 17 different programming languages last year, including one presentation led by an 8-year-old developer on building video games with F#.”



Build Stuff forms strong bonds with local communities and has donated some of its proceeds to local charities and user groups, totaling over €93,000 in donations to date.



Build Stuff is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of their gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnically, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. The code of conduct is our core value and clarifies an organization’s principles.


We feel inspired by the diverse audience. Diversity on our stage is a key priority for us, therefore we have set the diversity as part speaker selection criteria — and we're working to increase diversity and inclusion in our audience as well.


Consequently, in 2018 we gave away 100 tickets to people from underrepresented groups in the technology and/or open source communities who may not have the opportunity to attend Build Stuff for various reasons. These groups include, but are not limited to, women, people of colour, individuals with a disability, minority ethnic people, LGBTQIA people, and others. 

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