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Created For People Who
Actually Build Stuff

We like to think of ourselves as the conference for people who actually build stuff - hence the name!

Every year, we invite prestigious guest speakers to share all the latest innovations, trends, and developments in the software development industry.

With the attitude that we invite speakers, not sessions, our world-class guests come from over Europe and even further abroad, delivering some of the highest quality content of any European conference.

Build Stuff is for everyone in software development teams.

That includes devs, team leads, agile/scrum coaches, engineering, managers, executives, founders, and more.


Likewise, in addition to great guest speakers, we host a number of engaging and up-to-the-moment workshops on a wide range of topics.

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10 Years Of Build Stuff Conferences

10+ Years Of Software Development Conferences

With a diverse guest list of influential policymakers, software development companies, high-end executives, Build Stuff is the ‘EVENT OF THE YEAR’ for every company and developer in the software development field. This unique conference can help you attain or even surpass your goals, whatever they may be.

Our Short History

In November 2012, Build Stuff has started as the first conference on software development in the Baltic States. Since then it is a front-runner and the largest developer event in the region.

Following the success of Build Stuff in Lithuania, Build Stuff has branched out. In 2015, the first edition of the Build Stuff Ukraine conference was launched. Later in 2017-2019, Build Stuff Spain was organized in Mallorca & Malaga.

When a Global pandemic hit the world - we scouted the Online universe. It was a blast! A first full-online conference for every dev!

Our international community is becoming stronger and uses every opportunity to be a part of Build Stuff events and spreads the word all over the world, becoming our best ambassadors.

Build Stuff was featured as one of only three European software conferences “to attend” in the 2016 Forrester’s Report.

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Build Stuff Goals

The overall goal of the conference is to offer more diversity to the Development of the Tech community and encourage continuous learning. 

Although we strive to bring people together. This explains the very practical side of Build Stuff Conferences.


It’s a place where software professionals, international speakers, share practical techniques, ideas, strategies, failures, lessons learned, and successes in an informal, intimate atmosphere. Build Stuff became a platform for a fruitful dialogue between software developers, architects, educators, and technology companies.

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Supporting Diversity in the Tech World

Build Stuff is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of their gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. The code of conduct is our core value and clarifies an organization’s principles.

We feel inspired by the diverse audience. Diversity on our stage is a key priority for us, therefore we have set diversity as part speaker selection criteria — and we're working to increase diversity and inclusion in our audience as well.

Consequently, in 2018 & 2020 we gave away hundreds of tickets to people from underrepresented groups in the technology and/or open source communities who may not have the opportunity to attend Build Stuff for various reasons.


These groups include, but are not limited to, women, people of color, individuals with a disability, minority ethnic people, LGBTQIA people, and others.

Build Stuff is a Software Development Conference created for back-end & full-stack developers, academics, team leads, software architects, product owners, technical project managers.


The goal of the conference is to boost the developer community by providing tomorrow’s knowledge and train the skills required to keep up with continuous change.


The conference covers everything you need to know about software development and technologies, with more than eighty breakout sessions as well as insightful and practical keynotes, workshops, and hands-on labs.


Participants in the Build Stuff conference include world-class speakers, cutting-edge technology companies, and enterprises such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle, and many others.

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Don't Take Only Our Word For It...

Check out what attendees, partners & speakers who have attended our conferences in the past had to say!