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Clearly, Covid restrictions don't allow us to do things like we usually would. 


But it's not all bad news - if you're down for some extra adventure, there are ways to experience Build Stuff at its fullest!


We will follow government regulations and advice to ensure safety for on-site events because, in the end, your HEALTH and safety are what matter the most.

This autumn we hope to get together once again in Lithuania.


So here is how it's going to work this year:

The IDEAL PLAN would be if all Covid restrictions ARE LIFTED, and we get to meet together under one roof in a physical location.

The Build Stuff on-site conference will have 6 different rooms and a lounge. 

The goal is to accommodate the social distancing requirements while limiting onsite attendees to up to 500 people.

The on-site tickets are going fast! If you're looking to attend an event in person, now's your chance because they won't be around for long.


We've been seeing more and more people come out lately so if you want to guarantee yourself space at on-site events then get them before it's too late.

In case of cancellation, all purchases will be refunded 100%.

#1 Software  Developement Conference for backend developers

There are so many countries that have travel limits at the moment, and it makes people with health difficulties hard to attend.


That’s why we will host A Virtual Option For 2022 as well, which was a great success last year. 

#1 Software  Developement Online Conference

If we will not be able to host the Build Stuff 2022 conference at the physical location due to COVID, the ONLINE CONFERENCE will be still taking the place!


It means we'll still have an opportunity for developers from all over the world to attend and learn!


An outstanding online experience awaits from home or on mobile devices with live streaming of all speaker sessions and workshops so you won’t miss a thing.

The best conference for software developers