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Online course

From Keyboard

to Keynote

Delivered by DYLAN BEATTIE
September 21 - 22nd, 2020

You will learn about...

  1. How to present technical content in an engaging way

  2. How to design, structure and deliver your talk

  3. How to engage with the audience

  4. How to use live coding demos, visuals, diagrams, humor in your presentation

  5. How to deliver the talk when you are on the stage: body language, voice tone, and speed


2 days


8 hours






public speaking, communications


Everyone working in Technology sector

Course description 

Public speaking can be terrifying – but it can also be a really effective way to share your ideas, inspire your teams, and develop your career as a technologist.


This is a 2-day course about how to create, refine, and deliver great technical talks at conferences and technology meetups. It’s around 50% presentation and classroom-style training, and 50% collaboration and hands-on sessions. 

By the end of the course, all of the attendees will have created and prepared two short (3-minute) talks, received some suggestions and audience feedback.

"There were, genuinely, so many little moments where my mind was blown during Dylan’s workshop. I wish I had written all of it down, to better be equipped to share all of it."

Riz Khan, DDD East Midlands workshop attendee, July 2019


Taking this course you will get..


Slides, references,

real-world examples


you will get a collection of visual references compiled by our artist


Collaborative team-work tools


Get direct access to the trainer & attendees On Slack Channel. Chat, share & ask directly



DYLAN BEATTIE does interesting things with computers, code, comedy, music, and video – then he travels all over the world and tells people about it. He has given keynote talks at software conferences on four continents and created Rockstar, a joke programming language that made it into Classic Rock magazine, and he owns the best web address in the history of the internet.


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  • What makes a great talk?

  • How to Design a talk?

  • Collecting ideas, brainstorming, structures

  • Classic talk structures – the narrative, the ’top ten’ list, the three-act play

  • Pacing and timing – how do you know how much content to prepare?

  • Understanding your audience

  • Etiquette and codes of conduct

  • Using humor

  • Dealing with feedback (here we’ll use the compliment/suggestion card feedback from the morning sessions)

  • How to do a good Q&A

  • Why use slides, anyway?

  • Slides & visuals: Tips and tricks

  • Working with technical content

  • Advanced Powerpoint

  • Copyright and fair use

  • Pros and cons of live coding demos

  • How to present diagrams and technical detail

  • Three minutes to teach the audience something very technical

  • Practical Tips and Disaster Recovery

  • How to prepare for the things you can’t prepare for?

  • Preparation timelines and coping mechanisms

  • Speaker horror stories (and why they weren’t that bad after all!)


Course details

Who should attend?

​This course is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. As part of the workshop, you’ll be preparing and delivering a short presentation using slides, so you’ll need to bring a laptop with Powerpoint, KeyNote or Google Slides running on it.​

Take this course if:

You would like to be able to deliver high quality, engaging presentations for your company meetings, meetups, or conferences.

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