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Online course



Delivered by Sam Newman
November 20th - November 21st
6 hours per day/ 2 days

You will learn about...

  1. Microservices in general - What microservices are? Advantages and disadvantages of microservices. When should you use them, and when shouldn’t you use them?
  2. Service Modelling - Characteristics of “good” services. Introduction to domain-driven design. The usefulness of Bounded Contexts when defining service boundaries. Event storming and capability modeling​
  3. Splitting Out Services - Planning a transition. Incremental decomposition patterns
  4. Service Collaboration - Synchronous vs asynchronous. Event-based collaboration vs Request
  5.  Response - Coverage of technology options including REST, RPC, Actor frameworks, Message. Brokers including Kafka. Choreography vs Orchestration
  6. Testing - End-to-end testing in a microservice world. Test types and feedback, Consumer-driven contracts.
  7. Observability - Log aggregation. Correlation IDs. Metrics collection. Semantic monitoring & synthetic transactions. Real-user monitoring Synthetic Transactions
  8. Resiliency & Scaling - Types of scaling (scaling cube + more). Scaling for load vs scaling for resiliency. Circuit Breakers and connection pooling Bulkheads & timeouts. Service Meshes & Message Brokers