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Online course

Elastic Search for Developers

September 14th - 21st, 2020
3,5 hours per day/ 2 weeks 

You will learn about...

  1. How to use Elasticsearch for full-text search purposes, and query it for other usecases as well.

  2. Define and maintain Elasticsearch indexes, and index your data into them.

  3. Perform aggregation queries to drill-down into time-series data and other types of data.

  4. Understand where Elasticsearch shines and how to use it correctly


2 weeks


3,5 hours per day






Elastic search


Developers, team leads, architects and testers

2 weeks


Course description 

Are you looking for ways to gather insights from the data and logs your system emits? Would you like to join companies like Twitter and LinkedIn in providing your own tailor made search that will enable your users to drill-down and auto-complete features? How about creating shiny dashboards to visualize your system and the behavior of the data you gather?

In this intensive 2 weeks online course on the leading open-source product Elasticsearch and it's related technology stack you will learn both the basics of full-text search and information retrieval and how to unleash the power of the inverted index, using the powerful ELK stack: Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

Through hands-on exercises, lectures and by discussing real-world challenges, you will learn how to achieve a better user experience by incorporating your own search engine in your products. You will also learn how to use the ELK stack to monitor your data real-time, to create live dashboards and to visualize your data.

The goal of this course is to provide an experienced developer with all the tools to succeed with integrating Elasticsearch into any type of project. 

Module 1 - Starting with some basics: 

  • Basics of Full text search and Information Retrieval

  • Overview of the Elastic stack

  • Elasticsearch and the REST API

  • Using Elasticsearch from your favorite programming language

  • Search and the various query types

  • Hands-on experience with indexing and searching texts

Module 2 - The Analysis Chain and Index Mappings 

  • The inverted index and full-text search

  • Term normalization with Analyzers, Tokenizers and TokenFilters

  • Understanding and poking into the analysis chain

  • Creating and using a custom analyzer

  • Using Index Mappings to control analysis and other index features

Module 3 - The Search API 

  • Pagination and Sorting

  • Precision and Recall

  • Understanding scoring and how it is applied

  • Building smart queries that can influence scoring correctly

  • Scripting

  • Query explanation and profiling

  • Results highlighting

  • Various power query tools and a lot of good advice

Module 4 - Elasticsearch must-knows 

  • Document oriented design and why it's crucial to do right with Elasticsearch

  • Suggesters

  • Record linkage via MoreLikeThis

  • Geo-spatial search

  • Multi-lingual search

  • Anomaly detection methods

  • The percolator

Module 5 - The aggregations framework, Logstash, Beats and Kibana 

  • Real-time data analysis and reporting

  • The Aggregations Framework: Metric and Bucket aggregations

  • Pipeline aggregations

  • Various powerful aggregations tricks

  • Using Kibana as a powerful Web UI on top of the aggregations framework

  • Timelion

  • Logstash and Beats


Course dates & time

The course is designed so that it can fit in with your other commitments for work and home.

 It is split into four ½-hour parts spread over two weeks. 

Each session includes interactive lecture, Q&A, as well as optional homework to help connect the days and weeks. 




Founder & CTO, BigData Boutique

An Elasticsearch Consulting Partner, Apache Lucene.NET committer, PMC member and a Microsoft MVP, Itamar is a recognized expert on Architecture, Search and BigData technologies.

He is in a search technologies, distributed systems and architecture expert. Over the years he built and maintained several big mission-critical systems on both Windows and Linux, and gained a lot of experience which now uses to perfect systems built to deal with scale.


Taking this course you will get...


Slides, references,

real-world examples


Collaborative team-work tools


After each lesson


Get direct access to the trainer & attendees On Slack Channel. Chat, share & ask directly


Register to the course

Online course tickets are on sale already! 

Build Stuff online courses provides the same experience and access to experts that you would have in an in-person course, without needing to leave your desk or couch.

The format is set to be flexible and you have to dedicate only 3,5-7 hours of your time a week.


Take this online course if: 

  • You want to succeed with integrating Elasticsearch into any type of the project.  

  • You want to know more about the full text search and information retrieval and how to unleash the power of the inverted index, using the powerful ELK stack.

  • You want to learn how to achieve a better user experience by incorporating your own search engine in your products. 

Course details

Who should attend?

The workshop itself is aimed at technologists currently working with, or planning to work with search engines. 


Developers with 3 years of experience or more. Platform doesn't matter as most of the course is hands on using the REST API using dedicated tools (Sense chrome plugin or via Kibana).


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